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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can or Bottle Holders: EZ Crochet Pattern

 Another previously published pattern, this one is great for beginners and a breeze for veteran crocheters!  Great for using up smaller amounts of cotton yarns, too.

To celebrate National Crochet Month, here are directions to make an easy can/plastic drink bottle holder out of scraps of worsted weight yarn.  I have made them in cotton and acrylic versions and I think that they are both nice.  I first made these because my mom asked me to make her a bottle holder that could replace the crumbling (and ugly) foam one that she had been using for a few years.  Below are pictures of the ones I have done:

*worsted weight yarn–cotton, acrylic or blend.  For the samples pictured I used bits of Sugar n Cream yarn
*hook the size to get you 3 hdc per inch–I crochet very loosely, so I use a G hook, but you might need to bump that up to an H or so
*stitch marker or a piece of yarn to mark rounds
sc–single crochet
hdc–half double crochet

Rnd 1:  Using the magic loop method (explained very well here on the Crochet Me site), 6 sc into magic loop
Rnd 2:  2 sc into each stich around–12 sc–do not join rounds, place marker to indicate beginning of rounds
Rnd 3:  *2sc into first stitch, 1 sc in next stitch*, repeat between ** around–18 sc
Rnd 4:  *2sc into first stitch, sc into each of next 2 stitches*, repeat between ** around–24 sc
Rnd 5:  Sc in each stitch around–24 sc
Rnd 6:  Sc in back loop only of each stitch–24 sc
Here the bottom of the holder is complete and from Rnd 7 on, you will be using hdc stitches
Rnd 7:   Hdc in each stitch around
Rnd 8 : Repeat Rnd 7 until piece is as tall as you want it; slip stitch to close and fasten off.

I made the bottle holders with handles a couple different ways.  I either crocheted a handle before ending off (instead of slip stitching to close, make a chain as long as you want, attach to opposite side of holder and then crochet in each stitch coming back and then slip stitch and fasten off).  Or, I did a last hdc round where I did a ch 2 instead of the beginning hdc and then a ch 2 instead of a hdc on the opposite side of the holder.  Then I made a separate cord by knitting an i-cord that could be slipped through the ch 2 spaces and then knotted to stay in place.  This cord could then be unfastened and removed.
I made these to fit the smaller size Aquafina bottles that my mom uses, but I found that they are stretchy enough to go around cans, larger bottles and even a few of my travel coffee cups.  I found the ones with handles nice to carry the travel mugs out to the car with!

Have fun with the holders or any other projects and keep crocheting!