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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Curly Whirly Worm Bookmark Pattern

Previously published on Librarynation.com, moved here for your crafting enjoyment!

Curly Whirly Worm Bookmark

What you need:

*Sm. Amount of dk or thin worsted weight yarn (examples were done in cotton)
*F hook
*Wiggly eyes of choice (optional-or use yarn or felt for worm eyes)
*Glue for wiggly eyes


This project uses the double base chain, which I think this is one of the best crochet tricks ever! If you are not familiar with this stitch, here is a video tutorial to assist you:
Art of Crochet Video Stitch Gude:
****If you are uncomfortable doing the double base chain, just do a regular chain stitch instead!****

Abbreviations used:

st or sts–stitch or stitches
sc–single crochet
hdc–half double crochet

What you do:

1. Make 20 double base chain sts (or, a regular chain of 20 sts.)
2. Working back along the chain, work 2 hdc into third ch from hook (this is the tail of the worm)
3. Continue by working 2sc into each ch until the end of the row
4. Work 2sc into the loop at the end of the chain (this is the head part) and into the next 3 sts as you go around the worm; end with a slip st in the next st; break off and weave in ends
5. All that is left is to glue the eyes in place (or attach alternate eyes as you wish)
***If you want a longer worm, just make more starting double base chains. When I was working around the chains doing the head stitches, I worked over the end of the yarn, which is optional, but can make it look at little neater.